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The Professional Triathletes Organisation (PTO) is a professional triathlon league that aims to elevate the sport by providing a platform for the world’s best triathletes to compete in a series of events.

The organization approached our team to design a landing page for their website that would showcase the rankings of their athletes.








Ranking Landing Page




1 UI/UX designer, 1 WordPress developer


UI/UX designer, WordPress developer


Presenting a large amount of data in a clear and concise manner

Creating a visually appealing design that would appeal to both athletes and fans

Organising the layout of the page to be easily navigated for users to view specific athletes from specific region

Ensuring the page was responsive and easy to navigate on all devices


Our team began by conducting competitor research to understand the information that the users want to see and the best way to present them. Based on this research, we decided to design the hero banner featuring the #1 athletes for both male and female side by side as the first information to be seen by the users.

To present the data in a clear and concise manner, we grouped the different ranking categories into sections, such as scorers of the year, biggest movers up the rankings since 1st Jan etc.

All those information can be filtered based on the gender and region, which are the most important dimensions to the users.

At PTO, we strive for gender equality by presenting information in a gender-neutral manner.

However, this can be a challenge on mobile, where screen space is limited. To address this, we utilize tabbed interfaces for seamless navigation between men and women’s information.

To make the design visually appealing, we used high-quality images of the athletes and incorporated a color scheme that matched the PTO’s branding. We also used a minimalist layout to avoid overwhelming users with too much information.


The final design was well received by the PTO internal team. The landing page received positive feedback for its clear and concise presentation of data, as well as its visually appealing design.

As of January 2023, this page is still under construction. Therefore, no user feedback has been received yet.

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