XTD and Streamkeeper Prototypes


Verimatrix is a company founded in 1999 which specializes in content security for digital television services around the globe, providing pay television service protection technology and secure VOIP.

They tasked our team with creating a high-fidelity, clickable prototype of an improved version of their current product, Extended Threat Defense (XTD). The goal of this project was to present the prototype at the IBC Conference in Amsterdam and showcase the improved functionality and aesthetic of the updated product.






Cybersecurity, Technology


XTD and Streamkeeper Prototypes




1 UI/UX designer


UI/UX designer


Designing a user interface of cybersecurity product with limited knowledge about this domain.

Creating a prototype that not only improved upon the functionality of the current XTD product but also had a more visually appealing design.

Ensure that the prototype was easy to use and understand for presenter and potential customers who would be viewing it at the conference.


To improve the functionality and aesthetic of the product, our team gathered insights from the XTD product manager to understand more about the product roadmap and how exactly the upcoming features will work. We also worked closely with the Verimatrix team to ensure that the prototype accurately reflected their vision for the updated XTD product.

The presentation covered four main components that are important for the IBC Conference which are:

  1. Introduction of the presentation
  2. Clickable high fidelity prototype of Extended Threat Defence (XTD)
  3. Clickable high fidelity prototype of Streamkeeper Pro
  4. Clickable high fidelity prototype of an example of how customer’s product going to look like with the integration of XTD (in this case, Amigo)

Introduction of the presentation

Clickable high fidelity prototype of Extended Threat Defence (XTD) and Streamkeeper Pro

Clickable high fidelity prototype of Amigo


The prototype was completed on time but unfortunately was not presented at the IBC Conference due to a reason that cannot be disclosed. However the updated design of the prototype was well-received by the Verimatrix internal team and that sparked the conversation of a new scope to improve the UI/UX design of XTD product in the future.

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